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Tattva- The Brand

Brand Tattva, is inspired by the five elements of nature- Prithvi, Vaayu, Agni, Jal and Akash. At Tattva we aim to create lifestyles where open green spaces are planned and creating cramped concrete living spaces is not a compulsion, where design encourages alternatives and concrete and steel are not the only options, where trees, orchards and parks are necessities and not an amenity.

At Tattva, all projects are planned meticulously with a huge focus on quality of lifestyle for its residents. This reflects on all aspects of planning and delivery right from the infrastructure, the layout, the facilities and the actual structure.

Tattva aims to deliver a home, a township that adds value to life.

The Vision

At Tattva, We create a world inspired by nature and constantly strive for timely delivery of state-of-the-art habitats to our customers.

Tattva at a glance

Tattva has a huge focus on the Second home - “A dream home” market and aims to be a pioneer and a leader in that segment. The roadmap is to create projects that will be models and the best in this segment. Tattva believes in the opportunity to help redefine the existing living space that’s on current offer in a fast mobile city like Mumbai. With the changing times and changing size and complexity of most families the need to remodel and restructure an existing house assumes prime importance. Add to this the lack of infrastructure and modern amenities makes redevelopment a viable option.

We understand that while an upgrade is compelling, it should not come at a never ending disruption to an existing lifestyle. We work along with the residents to plan not only the project details but also accommodate their timeliness and try and minimize the impact that happens due to the redevelopment.

Tattva has entered into collaboration with the pioneers and one of the best construction houses of the country to help implement and deliver a premium and quality product.

Tattva plans to develop affordable housing projects on small to medium size parcels and in technical alliance with low cost construction technology partners. In Mumbai, where land is expensive and limited, it is difficult for middle income households to buy a house within the city. According to a Knightfrank study on Affordable Housing in MMRDA, there is a trend where households, with annual incomes of INR 0.3 to 0.8 million, have a preference to own a house of 500-800 sq. ft, but they may not be able to pay beyond INR 2,500 to 4,000 per sq. ft - a range not available in most residential locations.

Who we are

Tattva is the brainchild of dynamic entrepreneur with more than a decade experience in INVESTMENT banking and wanted to create a difference in the real estate domain and that’s how Zanira Property Private Limited came into existence in 2008.

Since then, Tattva has aggressively gone ahead with land agglomeration, development of mini townships, redevelopment projects and affordable housing projects. Tattva is currently implementing three projects, viz., 200+ Luxury villas project spread over

32 acres at Karjat, a bungalow project at Karjat spread over 16 acres, a society redevelopment project at Andheri East.

Karjat being a place, which is far yet not far for the citizens of Mumbai and Pune, is the focal point for most of the second home and vacation home projects along with other markets like Lonavla and Alibaug. Going forward, Tattva will develop residential units, society redevelopment and Greenfield projects in MMRDA region.

Tattva has received project loan of Rs. 22 Crores from Central Bank of India in September 2012 for a period of 3 years and for the purpose of construction loan. This institutional finance has been achieved in the 4th year of operations of Tattva and this achievement of Tattva bears its confidence of raising institutional finance for developing projects and marketing them to customers and adding value in the realty development space.

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