Corporate social responsibility


We have planted more than 4,000 trees in the premises giving plenty of oxygen ,in the gazebo area which is spread over 25000 sq ft consisting of landscaping, plantation and Australian grass being used which allows a perfect morning/ evening sit out place.

Each Alley of the township is planted on both sides with different colour flowering trees. The township has around 500 mango and cashewnut (Kajoo) trees of 10 years old.

Water management

12 ft height dam built across the pinglas river where the gates will be closed in the month of December which can be used during summer for storage of water right upto March – April

Stone built structure in the river to avoid the silt and boulders during the monsoon gush of water to enter into the river not allowing damages to the RCC dam built giving a longer life.

A jack well with a diameter of 40 feet and depth of 40 feet is constructed in the plot adjacent to the river to store 56 lac litre of water .

We have 8 bore wells in which 3 bore wells are fitted with submersible pumps attached to the main water tank near the gazebo which can pump sufficient water for our 200 villas on an average for 800 residents of tattva, whereby also meeting the requirements for landscaping.

Energy Management

500 KW transformer having 3 phase grid supply from MSEB.

Around 40 villas are equipped with MSEB 3 phase meters of 8 kw each, which have been taken from the department of electric and installed at the respected purchased villas.

All the roads including the pathways, walkway, Party area, club house,m etc are illuminated with100 street lights and been fitted with energy efficient bulbs .

A 30 KVA Diesel Generator from kirloskar being installed for back up power for emergencies.

In all the villas, we had provided wiring such that on one phase all the emergency lights, fans and refrigerator can be wired and a Inverter-cum-battery pack can be placed. This system will help the villa owners to enjoy at least 3 to 5 hours of base minimum lighting and fans operational, during the power layoff periods of MSEB.

In Future arrangement for solar lighting to be connected to street lights and water pumps has been done.

Waste Management

Individual soak pits which are connected to 3 villas and 1 soak pit connected to 10-12 blocks of Terrace garden Villa .

Bio degradable waste generated from the households is collected into a designated pit area and the manure generated from the same is used for the continuous plantation of trees and routine maintenance of them.

Rain water has been collected from the terraces which are connected to the grids of 3 bore wells.

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